Relationship Counselling

Sometimes it makes a tremendous difference to your relationship to talk to someone safe and understanding, who is outside your family and social network. A relationship counsellor provides a safe space where you can both feel heard to explore the dynamics in your relationship causing conflict. Exploring ways to replacing unhelpful ways of interacting with loving and satisfying ways of relating with each other.

Couples issues dealt with:

  • affairs
  • communication
  • conflict
  • different values
  • money
  • parenting
  • planning a future
  • pre-marital preparation
  • sex and intimacy
  • times of transition (e.g. marriage, children, retirement etc)
  • wanting to have a great relationship and not knowing how

How counselling can help you and your partner

Relationship counselling provides an impartial space for you to focus on your relationship, to assist you and your partner to find satisfying ways to relate to each other.

Seeking treatment early is most beneficial but sometimes your relationship struggles develop without noticing until it seems too late. Counselling can always be helpful in some way. You to learn to be authentic and intimate in your relationship, to deal with underlying issues that may be holding you back and to find balance and meaning in your life.